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DF02- technical specifications

Engine Göbler-Hirth 3503E, liquid cooled, fuel injection, 70hp    specifications
Rotor AVERSO Aviation "Stella", 7,45m, Aluminium
Rotor disc// -charge at 260 kg TOW 43,59m˛ // 60N/m˛
Chord 216 mm
Rotor head GyroTec
Empty weight 419 lb. (185 kg)
MTOW 662 lb. (300 kg)
Prerotator mechanic, cardan driven, 270/min
vso 17-25 mph (30-40 km/h)
vdf 124 mph (200 km/h)
vne 112 mph (180 km/h)
vmax horizontal flight 100 mph (160 km/h)
vcruise 75 mph (120 km/h)
max. rate of climb at 260 kg TOW 1000 ft/min (5 m/s)
best climb at 56 mph (90 km/h)
steepest climb at 37 mph (60 km/h)
Take-off roll without wind 100-160 ft (30-50 m)
Landing roll without wind 30 ft (10 m)
Fuel tank capacity, range 60l, 310 miles (500 km)
Fuel consumption, cruise 3.7 US Gallons (14 l) /h
Trim electric driven
Airframe aironautical steel 15CDV6 (Werkstoffnr. 1.7734.5), TIG-welded
Prop 3-blade with ground adjustable pitch: Kievprop 243, 63.4" (161 cm)
Canopy Plexiglas
Cowling glass fibre/carbon fibre, some parts sandwich
Tail unit glass fibre/carbon fibre, sandwich
Basic instrumentation altimeter, airspeed, vsi, compass, 2x EGT&CHT, water temperature, engine RPM, Rotor RPM, warning signal for critical engine values.